We’re Growing!

It is with great pleasure, and deep gratitude to our generous supporters, that we announce we are adding services in 2017!

This expansion is only possible thanks to the roots planted by our wonderfully supportive Camp Family—every benevolent donor, hard-working volunteer, eager camper, and kind-hearted advocate helping to spread the word about the services we provide. During this season of thanks, we are once again grateful to YOU for helping to make this growth possible and for supporting youth with autism in our region.

Beginning in early 2017, Camp Encourage will offer overnight weekend camps for youth with autism spectrum disorder, in addition to our overnight summer camp sessions. When we serve our campers each summer, we lift them up and we fill their cups. Each walks away with a head held high, feeling like a kid should feel: loved, accepted, and celebrated for exactly who he or she is. With the added weekend camp sessions, we will be able to fill more cups, providing services for even more youth with autism in our community. Additionally, we will be able to fill cups more regularly, providing a deeper connection and services to those we are already serving throughout the year.

Outside of camp, many campers face less-than-accepting neighborhoods, empty inboxes with hopes of being invited to play dates and birthday parties, few successful recreational opportunities, and school environments that focus so heavily on academics that too often building on one’s strengths, making social connections, and gaining confidence gets pushed aside. We at Camp Encourage know we can do more, and we invite you to join us in 2017 as we continue to positively impact the lives of the individuals we serve.

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