Each year, we encourage our Camp Encourage community to nominate a volunteer that has been especially exceptional. We are delighted to announce this year’s nominees and have included a statement from each nomination. We’ll soon be surprising the selected individual as this year’s Volunteer of the Year! Be watching our Facebook and Instagram for the exciting announcement! Wholehearted congrats to…

Julie was instrumental in ensuring one of our campers stayed at camp this year. We had a camper experiencing homesickness and feelings of sadness upon arriving to camp and throughout the entire experience, Julie was supportive, compassionate, and asked him questions regarding how to best support his needs throughout camp. She even went as far as to sleep on the ground next to the camper to ensure he felt safe and comforted throughout the nights. Julie never once complained and reached out for support when necessary. On the last day of camp our camper recognized and thanked Julie for her immense kindness, abundance of fidget toys, and support throughout camp and I believe she should be celebrated and honored by Camp Encourage as well.

Casey was amazing when helping the campers with the choice activities and crafts. Casey mainly helped the campers create their posters and had such a positive attitude with the campers and other volunteers. She helped each camper who created a poster be creative and use their imagination to have fun and made the activity go smoothly for every group.

Adin was very inspirational to the campers (providing real-life experiences), very helpful in all activities (I saw him helping out all over the place), and brought a fun, positive energy!

Laura was always really really nice! As a photographer, she didn’t have the chance to interact with the campers for very long however, if one of them was talking to her, she would always stop and listen. She just struck me as a really caring person.

Krystin was great in helping out the campers and sitting down with more than just one camper in helping them write down goals, making sure they were comfortable and didn’t need any help. She took the evening to help with shower time in the cabins making sure all the campers got in the shower when they were scheduled to and brushed their teeth. She noticed a camper happened to have an accident and discretely helped get the camper back to the cabin to get changed as quickly as possible to where he did not miss out on any activities. Overall, she just helped out a tremendous amount and I think made a great impact on the campers.

Will went above and beyond this summer. He devoted hours of his time to move supplies, was instrumental in the implementation of activities and even coordinated costumes to match the activities he led. Our campers were graced with the presence of Bob Ross, a farmer and a dinosaur.

(My son’s) volunteer, Emilee, was amazing. I hope she comes back!

Jenny brings such a great energy to Camp Encourage! She is always joyful and loves interacting with our campers. Jenny provided excellent leadership to a first time photography volunteer this summer.

Lauren did a really good job. She’s always so patient and nice, and she’s so sweet to everyone she came in contact with. And she is really good at making conversation. I talked to her a few times and she seemed very interested in what we were talking about and she was always so kind.

Lauren showed endless dedication to the kids and even drove all of the way from Omaha to volunteer. The kids really loved her, she was so sweet and kind to everyone and I think she really made a difference in our campers day.

Katie provided incredibly strong leadership for her campers and fellow volunteers. She maintains calmness at all times and truly shines in the role of a Group Leader.

I was seriously blown away by Madison. She created incredible bonds with the campers & was constantly on her feet helping everyone & lighting up every space. Her bubbly, kind personality does not go unnoticed & she’s able to match her energy to each camper. Madison is such a talented, compassionate, caring soul who cares so deeply about everyone around her.

Katie is so caring and so genuine. You can tell she loves being at Camp Encourage and can tell she truly loves each camper!

Rachel was incredibly sweet and kind. She developed strong relationships with each of the boys in her cabin. Rachel has a long history as a volunteer with Camp Encourage, dating all the way back to her childhood, when she served as a Peer Model.

Yumiko spends countless hours year round volunteering in the office. She is dependable, highly organized and essential to camp preparation.

Katherine has the sweetest and most giving soul, and she brings it all to camp. She treats all campers with respect and uses her natural leadership to create bonds between campers as well as creates bonds within her group. She’s always the one to offer another way of looking at a situation and she’s not afraid to share these ideas with counselors, which is so important after a long day in the heat. A ray of sunshine… her positively calm energy is so good for everyone around her!

As a former camper, Avery has been involved with Camp Encourage for many years. He is the first to jump in when something needs done and has a true heart for our campers.

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