An Evening with the ‘Rents recently came to a close after ten years. The event started as a night out for parents (“‘Rents”) of children on the autism spectrum–a night for them to share their stories with an audience that gets it. A night to find humor, even on the roughest of days.

Through the years, the event beautifully changed into not only spotlighting parents as comedians but also grandparents, siblings, roommates, spouses, and (most importantly) autistics themselves. Guests loved hearing their perspectives, stories, and humor.

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, we’re highlighting all autistic comedians that were involved in An Evening with the ‘Rents through the years. They are remarkable humans, are held in high regard, have eye opening perspectives, and are darn funny. Click on each image below to access a video link. Some videos are samplings while others are entire comedy bits. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: clips are taken from an adult comedy show. Content is not appropriate for children or those easily offended.)

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