A back-to-school wish for our campers

May your experiences at Camp Encourage stay with you as you return to school   

Activity around our office has slowed as we bid goodbye to our summer staff and the long days of summer. While there is plenty of year-round work to keep us busy in the coming days (including preparing for our October camp session and the upcoming S'Mores & Pours event), it has been nice to pause and reflect on the sunny, laughter-filled days of camp. 

By now, many of our of campers and volunteers have settled into school routines. As you adjust and shift focus on the school year ahead, we wanted to share some hopes and wishes for our campers so that the "magic" of camp may live on in their hearts throughout the year:  

May those of you who had not previously been able to attend an overnight camp find joy in finally being able to join your classmates in relaying memories from summer camp.

May those who have previously had trouble making social connections remember the friends made and the special moments shared at Camp Encourage.

May you feel more confident and more comfortable in expressing your true selves and standing up for who you are.

On those difficult days when you feel like giving up, may you remember how you felt at camp and know that you are worthy, you are Noticed, you are enough, and you are greatly loved.

And for each of you who shared your selves, your time, and your resources with us the last few months, may you know how grateful we are for every single one of you for helping us bring our mission to life.


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