#Noticing Alissa

I met Alissa Workman in 2010 while she was completing her degree. As a class project, she was to complete an Agency Case Statement and kindly completed hers for Camp Encourage. I went back recently and peeked through her work. What fun to see how much she has grown since then and how far our nonprofit has come.

Alissa joined our Board in late 2011 and spearheaded our very first large fundraiser. After demonstrating stellar skills as a volunteer, she was hired as an Independent Contractor in early 2013 then as an employee in 2014. Seeking fulltime employment, Alissa is now moving on to another local nonprofit.

At Camp Encourage, we love the concept of #Noticing the goodness—in ourselves, in one’s surroundings, and in others. Our staff came together to #Notice the goodness in Alissa Workman—for her time with us and for her skills we know she’ll spread to other good causes.

We #Noticed Alissa:

  • organized our first large fundraiser (voluntarily) while expecting her second child.
  • increased our grant seeking efforts.
  • connected us with the lovely Lisa Gioia (accountant) and the lovely Trisha Brauer (auctioneer) and we don’t know what we’d do without each of them.
  • connected us to Support KC who created our very first sophisticated database (and we don’t know what we’d do without it).
  • kicked our social media presence up a notch (or five).
  • has fantastic taste in music—her tunes will be missed.
  • had a beautiful way of articulating our mission in writing.
  • was great at writing thank you notes and made volunteers and donors feel appreciated.
  • gave every person at a meeting the time to be heard.
  • was respectful of others’ time.
  • has a very big and passionate heart for “underdogs.”
  • takes action to get involved with causes that capture her attention.
  • is now spreading her wings and trusting in change. We are delighted for her and for those she’ll serve!

Join us in thanking her for sharing her heart and talents with our campers and also in wishing her the best!

What does her departure mean for Camp Encourage, you ask? Be watching for an exciting announcement in the near future! Although it is bittersweet to bid adieu to Alissa, we know that good, good days are ahead. Amazing people flock in support of our campers and we believe that is just what will unfold.

In celebration of our past and with great joy for what’s ahead,

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