THE HEALTH AND SAFETY of our campers, staff, and volunteers has always been a top priority. 

It is our hope that this page provides you with helpful details on all of our COVID related protocols and procedures. Camp was terribly missed in 2020. We knew that more than ever, our campers needed to feel accepted and loved. More than ever, our campers needed to feel valued and be among friends. We've always known how impactful Camp Encourage is. Its absence in 2020 made it undoubtedly and resoundingly clear. In 2021, following guidance from the CDC and the ACA (American Camp Association), we developed a strong plan to safely return to camp and all went extremely smoothly.

We plan to host the following in 2022...

  • MARCH DAY CAMP: Out of caution and love for our campers, we will provide a full day experience in place of our two day, one night overnight camp. The shortened (and not overnight) stay will allow us to positively impact your camper during a difficult season while increasing safety. We like to think of it as a “smaller but safer dose of love.”
  • TWO SUMMER CAMPS: We plan to return to full capacity to hold our two, four day overnight summer sessions.
  • OCTOBER OVERNIGHT CAMP: We plan to hold our two day, one night overnight camp as usual.



Due to the lingering pandemic, these services will be adjusted as needed. Our present Prevention Plan is outlined in the document linked below, and can also be found by clicking HERE. Please read through it carefully to see what measures we are embedding to promote wellness at camp in 2022. Understand that it is a working document. All of these considerations are subject to change and will be based on what we know now from science and present best practices.



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Is tested required?

Following recommendations from the CDC, Camp Encourage will be implementing the following:

  • For our overnight camps, all guests, regardless of vaccination status, will need to present a negative COVID PCR or rapid test administered within 72 hours of arriving at camp. 
  • For our day camps and the volunteer orientation, guests not fully vaccinated and up to date will need to present a negative COVID PCR or rapid test administered within 72 hours of arriving at camp. 

Tests administered at home will not be accepted.

To help ease the burden on our families, Camp Encourage has secured rapid antigen tests for every camper, volunteer and staff member.  Tests will be administered at the Pavillion prior to sending the camper to the cabin. If you prefer to have your camper tested in a doctor’s office (home tests cannot be accepted) prior to arriving at camp to alleviate stress, you may do so. Please bring a copy of the negative test result (digital or printed) when arriving at camp. 

If an individual was COVID positive within 90 days of arrival at camp, a COVID test is not needed. However, lab confirmed results will need to be shown.

Community Transmission Level

We will continue to encourage good hygiene and social distancing when possible at all of our outings. Other NPI’s (non-pharmaceutical interventions to include masking and cohorting) will be implemented on an as needed basis depending upon the current Community Transmission LevelWe will base decisions on the levels throughout the entire KC Metro Area and use data from Jackson, Clay and Platte counties in Missouri and Johnson, Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties in KS. You can click HERE to search Community Transmission Levels.

What is the CDC and ACA Recommending?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to provide updated guidance for day and overnight camps. This updated guidance aligns strongly with the safety protocols and layers of protection discussed in the that ACA (American Camp Association) hosted with the CDC and the Alliance for Camp Health. ACA encourages all camp operators to review this updated guidance and make any necessary adjustments to their COVID protocols for this summer to protect the health of campers and staff and ensure the least amount of program disruptions or cancellations.

The guidance has been issued in three related documents:

  • – outlines the updated guidance that applies not only to school settings, but also to camps, as well as out-of-school-time and other similar youth programs.
  • – answers the most frequent questions about the updated guidance and, toward the end of the document, includes information specific to the application of this guidance in a camp setting.
  • – outlines specific considerations for an overnight camp setting, recognizing that the structure of overnight camps provides the opportunity for additional control over safety protocols.
Two weeks prior to camp

We are asking that, for the safety of all, each very diligently adheres to the following for at least the two weeks prior to arriving to camp: 

  • follows CDC recommendations per Community Transmission Levels (mask wearing, diligent hand washing, social distancing), 
  • monitors one’s health symptoms (coughing, a loss of taste, a loss of smell, shortness of breath, chills, a sore throat),
  • informs us of any traveling to locations with high virus rates, and 
  • informs us if any contact occurs with someone that has tested positive.
Refund / Cancellation Policy

It is our goal to partner and work together with parents to determine if our program is suitable for your child prior to their enrollment. When your child is reserved a slot to attend, you are reserving space, time, meals, supplies, and staffing whether or not your camper attends the program. 

We will remain nimble and responsive to ever-evolving state and local standards and protocols, and plan to be able to adapt accordingly.  If, however, camp is unable to open due to government regulations you will receive a full refund. Should Camp Encourage make the decision to dismiss a camper early due to COVID-19 related concerns, we will communicate with the family and make appropriate prorated refunds. If you register for camp and decide to cancel after our the designated deadlines and the changes outlined above do not apply, our normal cancellation policies apply (found HERE).


Should you have any questions about camp in 2022, please reach out. We are here to talk through any questions or concerns you have. Call us at 816.830.7171 or email our Program Coordinator at

Thank you for trusting in us and for your patience as we continue to navigate through the lingering pandemic.