Camp is needed more than ever.

Here we are in week three of this turned-upside-down new world. Schedules have been uprooted, routines have been shaken, and uncertainty continues to hover. These days are especially difficult for our campers and their families. Our hearts go out to each and every one of you and we hope that you are finding beautiful moments of peace and shared joy amid the unsettling moments.

As we find ourselves feeling more and more distant from our friends, routines, and social connections, the need for camp and all that it provides grows more and more clear. 

While providing opportunities for increased self-esteem and independence, time together at camp provides unmatched JOY, COMMUNITY, LAUGHTER, CONNECTIONS, ACCEPTANCE, SUPPORT, AND ENCOURAGEMENT. 

These feelings and moments are needed more than ever.  


At Camp Encourage, plans for gathering together are in the works. Our hearts are fueled with thoughts of you as we make plans for joyful days when we can celebrate having our current days behind us. What a beautiful finish line that will be.

As we kick off the month of April, celebrating those that we love with autism, Camp Encourage also kicks off a matching campaign we are grateful to be included in. Please visit this webpage, spread the word, and consider making a donation to support our campers that otherwise would not be able to attend camp.

Our campers with autism are longing to be at camp–longing to be surrounded by the safety and structure of our schedule, always-present encouragement, beauty of nature, and social connections. Join us in making this happen.

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