Support received from January 1 through December 31, 2021, totaling over $250

21c Museum Hotel, Oklahoma City

Inas Younis and Ayman Abdul Rauf

Matt and Holli Albertson

Brian and Julie Aldridge

Joseph and Elizabeth Allen

Ash Grove Charitable Foundation

Elizabeth Athey

Mike and Paula Athey

Autism Works

Dennis Bartkoski

Brett and Wendy Becker

Leslie Beets

Jeff Bergman

Andy and Jennifer Betts


BlueStem Dental

Henry and Stephanie Bond

James and Gayle Boyes

Bringing Therapy Home

Matt and Carrie Broniec

Derek and Regan Brown

Graham and Staci Brown

Michael Butkovich


Camden on the Lake

Camps For Kids

Capitol Federal Foundation

Kevin and Lanette Carder

Doug and Christan Carrithers

Andy and Dana Cartwright

Beatriz Castaneda

Susan Cella

Helen Chaffin

Cinder Block Brewery

Bridgett Cochran

Stephanie Coleman

Byron and Kate Collum

Dan and Erin Cowan

CPS Foundation

Justin and Jennie Davis

Deluxe Corporate Foundation

John and Tammy Derry

Brian and Jeannie DeVeney

Dewey's Automotive

Mark and Kim Dishman

Edward F. Swinney Trust

Karen Engman

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Express Appraisals

Justin and Becky Farmer

Erika Feingold

Kitty Fenton

Matt and Judith Flynn

Tammy Frank

Halley and Tim French


April Weber-Gandy and Justin Gandy

Chris Gaughan

Gaughan and Connealy

Gentle Dog Training

Jenna Gerdes

Lisa Gioia

Give Space Peach

Dave and Kerry Gordon

Kenneth and Vicki Greathouse

Heidi Harmon Orthodontics

Luke and Kelley Harmon

Cherie Meyer and Joe Harmon

Sawyer Harmon

Maryanne Heinrich

Jessie and Barbie Heniss

Trueman Hight

HKM Employment Attorneys


John and Maggie Horn

Nick and Gina Hubbell

John and Maida Hulston

JB and Anne Hodgdon Charitable Foundation

John J. Sullivan, Jr. Charitable Foundation

John P. and Maida S. Hulston Family Fund

Kearney Wornall Foundation

Louann Rinner and Ron Keehn

Kelsey Stegner Design

David and Amy Kempfe


Jesse Kidwell

Jim and Teri Koger

Koger Family Charitable Fund

Kyle's Gift

Danielle Lamour

Eric and Kelly Lee

Paulette Lee

Ryan and Kelly Lee

Brian and Melissa Leitner

Life 88.5 Radio

Michelle Macrorie

Karen Marshall

Karl and Erika Martens

Mike and Sonya Mason

Matthew Breedlove Art

Dan and Ama Matthews

Gary McCoy

Kerri and Matt McNett

Aaron Mickelson

Morgan Family Foundation

Gloria Murray

MVP Law Firm

Nexus Fit Co.

Mary Neimeier

Jim and Dawn North

Karl and Erica Martens

Aaron and Sarah North

Beth Rosemergey and Charles Orth

Arnie Otten

Kaye Otten

Michelle Pal

Paunya, Inc.

Photography by Mike Athey

PRP Wine International

Jonathan and Valerie Rexin

Riley ABA

RG Limo Services

Larry and Yumiko Robinson

Rosemergey Orth Family Fund

Royals Charities

TJ and Carol Salmon

Sara Sent Me

Sasnak City

Darren Seaman-Reyes and Oscar Reyes

Jillian Sharlow

Sherman Family Foundation

Elizabeth and Gordon Sileo

Smalley Family Foundation

Spectrum Health Foundation

Joel and Amy Spencer

Aaron and Jen Spiegel

Spring Hill Parents for Kids

St. Teresa's Academy

Misty Stacy

Stanley Pediatric Dentistry

Summit Behavioral Services

Summit Litho


Ron and Joyce Tebbenkamp

Ryan and Alicia Tebbenkamp

The Clark-Fox Family Foundation

The Great Plains Laboratory

The Sugar Inn

Thomas A. and Kathleen Kraft Trust

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Gus and Susan Tomelleri

John and Lisa Tongier

Grant and Elizabeth Van Scoyoc

Waldo Pizza


Bradley and Shannon Warden

Justin and Monica Watkins

Leo Watson

Danielle Williams

Winnie Dunn and Tim Wilson

Brent and Jennifer Wilson

Tyler and Pam Wirken

Wirken Photography and Wirken Media

Christina Woodworth

Brian Henke and Gabe Yok

Amy Young