The past two years have presented challenges to say the least. We were joyfully able to return to camp in 2021 however, just as the nation witnessed, Camp Encourage experienced a great decline of volunteerism.  We were able to fill all needed volunteer roles in 2021 only because we had greatly reduced camper capacity. In 2022, with all our hearts, we want to return to full capacity but cannot do so without ensuring all volunteer roles are covered. This is where YOU come in! We need your support in spreading the word and securing quality volunteers! In return, we will be issuing incentives to current volunteers who recruit full time volunteers for our camp sessions as described below.

One Time Only Cash Incentives for Current Volunteers

First, is it crucial to share that these incentives are only being offered in 2022 and are directly related to the pandemic and the way it in which it has impacted our nonprofit. It is our goal to make sure we safely return to full capacity in 2022. We know that potential volunteers will more likely want to sign up when they hear, first-hand, from past and current volunteers how impactful and meaningful the experience is. And, it makes sense to reward our volunteers that kindly join our efforts to recruit new, quality volunteers.

SO, here's the scoop:  

    • For every new FULL time volunteer recruited per SUMMER session that is accepted, a $100 visa gift card will be issued 
    • For every new FULL time volunteer recruited per OVERNIGHT session that is accepted, a $50 visa gift card will be issued 
    • For every new FULL time volunteer recruited per DAY camp session that is accepted, a $25 visa gift card will be issued 
    • Whoever brings in the most FULL time volunteers that are accepted in 2022 will receive an additional $50 visa gift card 

Please note that:

    • Incentives will be given to our past, returning volunteers as a thank you for encouraging others to "join the magic."
    • New volunteers will have the option of listing the name of the individual that recruited him or her when applying to camp. Thus, be sure to urge the individual/s you recruit to list your name when completing the online application. 
    • Incentives will only be given for the recruitment of full time volunteers (those that remain at camp for the entire duration of the camp session). 
    • Because volunteer slots may be filled as applications arrive, it will be crucial for your recruitment efforts to occur as early in the year as possible. Be sure to urge those interested to apply ASAP. If slots are filled and a volunteer recruits a new volunteer, the volunteer may not be given a slot to attend and the incentive will not be able to be extended.
    • The individual recruited would need to be accepted (a slot would need to be available, he or she would need to meet all qualifications, and he or she would need to go through a background check).
    • Visa gift cards will be extended after the recruited volunteer completes his or her camp session.

Helpful Resources

Below are resources to support your recruitment efforts. You'll find a sample email, sample social social media posts, and a flyer that can be forwarded to others or even printed and posted. Thank you for joining our efforts to ensure that no camper with autism is turned away due to a shortage of volunteers! We're so grateful and know that each family is as well!