S’Mores & Pours 2017 Sneak Peek

We are fortunate to have the generous support of our community, allowing us to offer a wide variety of quality auction packages again this year. There’s a little bit of something for everyone — goods and services for sports fans, proud Kansas Citians, parents, families, the avid traveler, businesses, those who enjoy an occasional adult beverage, and more!

New this year: you do not have to be present to participate in the auctions. Bid on items from the comfort of your home, from your favorite local watering hole, or from out of town!

To join the auction even if you can’t attend the event, text SMORESANDPOURS2017 to 855-735-2437 for directions or join us from your computer by clicking this link.

Here are some of the larger feature packages:

Wirken Photo Documentary Marketing Video

Stories resonate with people and telling a personal account of your business/organization can be a very powerful marketing tool. Create a short multi-media video using photographs and audio to tell a story about your business or organization that portrays your purpose on a personal level.

Tyler Wirken, renowned worldwide photographer (based in KC) has worked closely with many businesses and organizations in this region and across the country, including Camp Encourage. Let him tell your business / organization’s story with this wonderful package.

Daring Way Evening with Friends

Are you a fan of Brené Brown? Have your read her books, watched her talks and want to know more about how to take what you have learned and live it more in your life?

Are you that friend that wants to tell all your friends and family about what you are learning and reading but don’t now how to start the conversation? It can feel a little weird at happy hour to dive in and ask what your friends think about vulnerability, shame and resiliency, let alone at soccer practice. Well, this is the chance to make it not so awkward.

The Daring Way™ was created by Brené Brown to provide additional videos, worksheets and a curriculum that follows and builds on the content of all her books and research in an accessible and engaging way.

A trained Daring Way™ facilitator will come to your home (or office) to lead a night of discussion and introduce exclusive videos and content that gives added depth and insight into what you have read.

It is not necessary to read any of her books beforehand and the best part is you can start right where you are…show up, be seen, live brave™.

Team-building Workshop with Merritt

Building an innovative and resilient office culture is not an easy task and at the same time without it companies, non-profits and small businesses can become stagnant and miss crucial opportunities for growth and development. At the same time, it’s not as hard or intimating as it may seem. It takes courage (yes, absolutely!) but a courage of a different kind. Empathic and vulnerable leadership creates a culture where ideas are shared freely, mistakes and failures welcomed as lessons to be learned by all and where innovation and community thrive.

This 2 hour workshop will focus on three main themes:

Where you are and where you’re heading: Methods to assess your workplace culture

Small Changes & Big Results: Practical ways to build emotionally intelligent and responsive environments

Taking the “F***” out of Failure: Generating buy-in when change is hard and outcomes are uncertain

Facilitated by Merritt Benz, LCSW of The Bedford Therapy Group

Orthodontics Package

Accelerated Orthodontic Experience at H20 Orthodontics! Come experience our amazing advanced technology to achieve the smile of your dreams! This package includes $500 toward ANY Orthodontic Treatment, Free Digital Scan with Instant Smile Simulation, & Free Professional Whitening Kit from H20 Orthodontics.  Country Club Plaza West location only.


Kelly’s “Camp-In” Holiday Social

Drop off the kids at the Big Red House while you enjoy a date day or holiday shopping in the lovely Plaza / Westport / Midtown area. They’ll enjoy a day with Camp Encourage Executive Director Kelly Lee while you enjoy a few hours of respite during the busy holiday season. The day will include a number of structured activities, snacks, lunch, and a take-home holiday gift.

Bidders will bid on one slot per child until we reach the limit of 10 (so, bid fast while you can!). School-age children only.

The date will occur on a Saturday in December; more details to be released soon.

Join the auction today!

To view all of the auction items or participate in the auction (from ANYWHERE; no need to attend the event to bid on the packages!), check out the full auction catalog.

For more information, contact our Development Director, Alissa Workman by email or at 816-830-7171.

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