‘Tis Not Farewell…

Our dear Jenny Hines has served as our Board President for many, many years and has been remarkable. As typical with nonprofit boards, board member term limits exist. With bittersweet emotions, we share THIS TRIBUTE to Jenny as her term serving on our Board comes to a close. She will continue to be part of our mission in various ways (you’ll still see her at events and at camp for sure!) and we are abundantly grateful for her continued support. 

The Board of Directors prepared for this transition over the past year by electing Board member, Dr. Kaye Otten as President-Elect, shadowing Jenny and preparing for the reigns. Some of you may recognize Kaye’s name. A co-founder of Camp Encourage, Kaye has been involved in our mission since the very beginning and has a special place in her heart for our campers. 

Join us in expressing gratitude to Jenny and in welcoming Kaye. So many memories are held dear and SUCH goodness lies ahead!


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