Uncovering the Treasures. A Guest Post by Kris Ray

What are you doing March 9th? You do not want to miss An Evening with the ‘Rents! I promise it will be one of THE most fun and memorable events you will ever attend.

Four years ago I was presented with this wonderful, magical opportunity to be included in a stand up comedy event like nothing anyone had ever seen before. So how is this different you ask? Everything you will hear is based upon the performer’s raw, real life experiences. And not just any performer.

Everyone on stage is either a parent of child with autism or an individual with autism performing stand up comedy in front of hundreds of people for their VERY FIRST time! What amazing courage these folks have! Most comedians take years to perfect their material and bomb their first time on stage, but not this gang! They will blow your mind! They spend months, days, hours, and sleepless nights, adding to their already overextended schedules, crafting their experiences into stage ready material with the help of mentors and local comedians. Why do they do this? Because they believe in the healing power of laughter. Because every day their kids and their family members scale huge obstacles and they want to show them first hand how to be an overcomer.

Seriously, those of you who know me probably don’t think I’m funny or even capable of being funny. Check out this video from last year. Solid proof of how transforming this experience can be! 

Yes, we are raising money for Camp Encourage, but it is SO SO much more than that. This is for EVERYONE and ANYONE who has something in life that holds them captive. It’s about experiencing freedom and joy through laughter.

When I got involved in this I realized pretty quickly that humor was an art that was formed and conceived from all of my experiences, imperfections, and insecurities. As I begun the process of capturing my “mess” through writing and sharing my life through comedy, I began to see the world from a brand new perspective. Instead of losing my cool every time something didn’t go according to my plan or grieving all of the ways my life wouldn’t be what I imagined it to be, I began to uncover all of the treasures that had been buried beneath the burdens of life.

If you need encouragement or validation, or just need a space where you are free to let go and have permission to laugh loud and hard, this event is for you!


This guest blog post was submitted by Kris Ray–a parent and amazing human living in the greater Kansas City area.

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