With grateful hearts, we are delighted and honored to introduce you to our Events Coordinator!

Ventura Rangel has a passion for helping others. As a mother, a volunteer, and a multi discipline professional, she has found multiple avenues to explore this passion. Joining Kansas City Women in Tech in 2014 as a volunteer, she has continued to help the organization with their mission of getting more women into technology. During the pandemic she was promoted to Executive Director and President of the organization. She has had the privilege of seeing multiple women and young ladies go through the organizations events she helped develop, and turn into women who have flourished in technology careers. Leading hundreds of volunteers, she has been an inspiration for women of all ages throughout Kansas City. 

Her leadership skills translated into a diverse career including technology, wellness, and nonprofit work. She serves on the Executive Board of Directors for School of Economics. SOE works with school aged children to teach them about the value and importance of economics. She has also worked with numerous nonprofits to serve local youth and the underrepresented to forge pathways to more prosperous and fulfilling futures. As a NASM certified Personal Trainer she helps to guide her clients to healthier lifestyles.  

Raising three children with autism with a partner who is on the spectrum has furthered her passion for helping others. Ventura’s life has been defined by autism, but not limited by it. In 2018 she joined Camp Encourage for Evening with the ‘Rents as a ‘Rent commiserating with autistic people and families of autistic people for a night of cathartic comedy. Embracing all the beauty and challenges of a family filled with autism has inspired Ventura to join Camp Encourage as the Events Coordinator. She is excited to bring her background and passion to this role and to continue to help others. 

And we are excited to see the goodness unfold with Ventura on our team!

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