We <3 our volunteers!

We love reflecting on all of the great memories and the tremendous growth we have had (and, have provided) as we approach our 10th summer of providing camps and our 10th year celebration at S’Mores & Pours: Camp Stories this fall. 

Perhaps one of the most significant discoveries in all of our reflection is this: in ten years of providing overnight camps for youth with autism, our generous volunteers have graciously given us 127,500 hours of their time and talents to ensure the success of Camp Encourage.

127,500 hours.

That’s 5312.5 days of time.

14.6 years.

All to ensure the success of our organization and a memorable camp experience for all who attend. 

We join many others in our community celebrating National Volunteer Week, honoring the service that so many among us generously give to causes they care deeply for. We also know that our volunteers are celebration-worthy year round; without them Camp Encourage would not be possible. 

They all come from different backgrounds, all with different abilities, each with one united purpose: to support youth with autism spectrum disorder and the services we provide them.

127,500 hours. Wow!

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